Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little Man 1st Birthday - Mustache and Bow Ties

Looks like I'm on the blogging end of the parties this fall and into winter.  Casie has some great parties going on, and I'm glad to be  able to help her and then share them with all of our readers.  

Her littlest guy turned 1, and she planned a fun party for him along with a cute photo shoot before his birthday.  This guy sure steals everyone's hearts and is the cutest thing ever.  He made this Little Man CeLeBration look completely perfect for all who attended.  
Laura Kidd Photography did such a great job capturing this Little Man's every day expressions.  

 And a new expression of not wanting to have messy hands.

Let the party begin!  Casie went with a Little Man theme, complete with mustaches and bow ties.  

 She used the banner from the Celebration that I gave her after Yahkiyn was born.  I love that she uses it for his monthly photo shoot and now for his first birthday.  She's putting it to good use!

All of the foods had the best names on the labels and was perfect for this theme.  She is such a clever party planner.

 Another delicious cake by Layers of Flavor.

What a fun 1st birthday idea for the cutest little guy around.  The colors, patterns, props, and food names made this small detail party, really fun.  Sometimes all it takes is a few clever ideas to make your party something that everyone will enjoy.  It doesn't have to be real elaborate.  The love is in the people who attend.  Anything else on top of that is just a bonus to the guests.  :)

Happy  Birthday, Yahkiyn!

Rustic Fall Wedding

 We adore going to our close friends' weddings, being apart, and helping where we can.  This one had only a few of our added touches, but a lot of the sister and mother's touches that made this wedding absolutely perfect for the bride.  The dad of the bride created a lot of wooden elements to add some great rustic and natural look to it all and some of our creations from the sunflower celebration that we had for this bride were used in the wedding as well.  Love it when decorations can be used again and again to get full use out of them.  

 This beautiful cake and the cupcakes were made by Layers of Flavors.  So delicious!

 Such a clever and fun guest book.  Something they can hang on their wall and remember all who came to support them. 

 The groom's dad made this cute little house for the cards.  Some crafty people in these two families!

The CLBs with the beautiful bride, Maggie.

Besides a beautiful, small, and intimate ceremony, delicious cake and cookies, visiting with lots of friends, old and new, there was some great dancing that happened.  The children loved all the space to run and dance AND we adults enjoyed some dancing as well.  Our husbands don't get in on the action on our blog posts much, other than you seeing a lot of what they help us with, but today, you get to see them dancing with us.
The Bovees love trying.

The Brothers love making it look so easy and amazing!

Together we have a good time with it!
We do love CeLeBrating!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunflowers for a Bridal Celebration

It's been pretty quiet here at CLB CeLeBrations, but we've been planning things that are coming up this fall.  This is our first Celebration, and we are so honored to share it with you!  Our dear friend, Maggie is finally getting to plan her wedding day!  God has truly blessed her and has orchestrated the meeting of her soon to be husband.  We were happy to give her this small, quaint Celebration of friends and family with a sunflower theme.  

The theme, other than sunflowers, was taken from the Scripture in Proverbs 12:4 that says, "An excellent wife is the crown of her husband".  We crowned her with words of wisdom for her marriage and then with flowers upon her head.  It was beautiful what young and old shared for her to live by as a wife.  We are blessed to be able to be such a big part of the union of Eric and Maggie!

These amazing invitations came from the talented Lindsey, over at Splash of Silver.  Check out her etsy shop for more great designs.  She designed the invite, and we added the twine bow to add a touch of country to it.


 We did this painting ahead of time and left a spot for all of the guests to put their seed finger prints on the painting as they arrived.  After everyone was done, we filled in with black spots for more seeds and filler.  It turned out to be really fun and a cute gift to send home with Maggie.

 Party favors of burlap bags filled with sunflower seeds.

 These flowers were next to Maggie's chair for the ladies to put in her hair.

 Casie did this for wherever we could put it.  It turned out so cute and something they can use with or without the frame for the wedding.

 You will be a beautiful bride!

 Jelly jar glasses with tags for the ladies to write their name, so they could keep track of their glass.

After we ate a light lunch, the women shared with Maggie words that she can use to be that crown to her husband.  What precious advice from both moms and sisters and family!  

 We've never did the flowers in the hair thing.  It was perfect for Maggie though.

 Even her little nieces got in on the crowning.  :)

 Some pampering to the feet for the bride-to-be.

 Some very useful gifts.

 Christi, Maggie, and Casie

Sunflowering Maggie!

It is such a delight to be able to bless sisters in this way.  When the group turns out to be united in thought of the encouragement that the guest of honor needs, it is such a blessing!  Sometimes we really don't know how the CeLeBration will go until it happens.  This was one of those, but was very much lead by the Lord and directed in a way to bless and encourage all. 
 Congratulations Maggie!